Friday, March 24, 2017

Daily Agenda: Friday, March 24

Content Objective:  
Thinking about upstanders and bystanders, consider the Trail of Tears.
Language Objective:  
Return the rhetorical notebook quiz.
Return revised Toni and Claudia's revised dialogues.
With a partner, write an MCAS practice essay on Trail of Tears, which one person in the partnership will upload to google classroom by 9:00pm. tonight.  Please ignore the 2:20p.m. deadline on google classroom.

Many students have asked an excellent question today. We will be learning more about how to integrate quotes into critical essays.  In the meantime, here is a handout that will give you some specific rules for quoting in critical writing.  At times, these rules are a little bit different from using quotes in narratives like Toni and Claudia's.

1. Upload the MCAS Trail of Tears practice essay by 9p.m.
2. Finish choice book on reform by March 31 if you have not already done so.
3. Looking ahead:  Continue studying the rhetorical notebook.  There will be another pop-quiz on Tuesday, on 5 more rhetorical terms.  It will be the same exact format as the quiz we took yesterday, except there will be a word bank. If you would like to take a re-take of yesterday's quiz, you may write on 10 terms.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Daily Agenda: Thursday, March 23

Content Objective:  
Thinking about upstander and bystanders, read and study and 3 documents on The Trail of Tears.
Quiz on 5 rhetorical notebook concepts (your choice).

Language Objective:  
Today in history, you will study a critical writing MCAS sample.
Trail of Tears: Use SOAPS and Venn diagram to prep for a critical writing activity you will write and revise with an assigned partner tomorrow.

Homework:  Finish reading the Trail of Tears documents, note the SOAPS on the chart we made in class, and create a thorough, neat Venn Diagram that tries to incorporate some of the rhetorical notebook concepts.  The Trail of Tears document is here.  The SOAPs template is here.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Daily Agenda: Wednesday, March 22

Content Objective:  
Is Anne Frank an upstander, a bystander, or something else?
Compare and contrast Anne Frank with Peter Galbraith.

Language Objective:  

1. G Block - check answers to MC in "Seven Keys" and submit narrative story to Classroom. 
2. Read the rhetorical notebook.  There will be a 5 minute quiz on five words and brief definitions from the rhetorical notebook in class tomorrow, and the quiz is worth 5 points.

This is the rhetorical notebook of terms to know for MCAS.  It is twenty definitions, examples, and explanations were written by former students, and, in the case of the SOAPS definitions, in part by an English professor named Renee Shea; please spend 30 minutes reading through this document carefully. You may wish to take notes as you do so.

Tomorrow, I will ask you to write down five words you learned in tonight's reading, along with a very brief definition of what each word means.  This activity will be a five minute "did you read this" pop quiz.

The five words are your choice, and they must be from the list.  For example, if you were to write “diction” as one of your five words, your definition would be “the words the writer chooses” or “word choice.”

You may quiz yourself here:

Words: Quick definitions:
1. 1.
2. 2.
3. 3.
4. 4.
5. 5.

After 30 minutes, you are done-- even if you do not get through the entire document, you will have learned 5 words and their definitions. Although you are studying these words most immediately for MCAS, they are concepts every educated person should know.  This is your moment to learn.  

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Daily Agenda: Tuesday, March 21

Content Objective:  Is Anne Frank an upstander, a bystander, or something else? Compare and contrast Anne Frank with Peter Galbraith.

Language Objective:  
Read pages 179-181 in Diary of a Young Girl (March 19, 1944)
Review multiple choice answers to "Seven Keys of Balabad" and submit narrative practice on Google classroom.
Resubmit Toni and Claudia's conversation. 

Homework:  Read reformer choice book for 30 minutes if you have not yet finished your reformers book.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Daily Agenda: Monday, March 20

Content Objective:  
Is Anne Frank on upstander, a bystander, or something else?  
A major shift happens around New Year 1944 -Anne Frank 'upstands' for herself

Language Objective:  
  • Choice book check-in with table partners about setting, characters, and plot.
  • Review an effective rewrite of Toni and Claudia's dialogue and pass back graded dialogues. Students may revise and resubmit Toni and Claudia's dialogue for tomorrow.  
  • Begin a new folder within the English folder on google docs, called "MCAS Practice." Save "The Seven Keys of Balabad" and the related Bahauddin Shah MC Practice to the MCAS Practice folder.
  • Announcements: MCAS ELA Grade 8 will be on April 12 and 13, and it will be computerized.  Student writing will be scored for grammatical accuracy of sentences, in addition to quality of writing and reading comprehension.
  • Read and respond to "The Seven Keys of Balabad," which is an example of a narrative story from MCAS. Complete a graphic organizer on setting, characters, and plot, and answer multiple choice question 27/A together.
  • Further thoughts on tonight's homework and the MCAS narrative task: We discussed in class today that your continuation of the story should be consistent with the integrity of what you are given. You should use proper punctuation and sentence structures, and you should continue with the setting, character(s) and plot while resolving Bahauddin's mission.  Dialogue should be used whenever possible.  This is creative writing.
  • For quick reference, the specific prompt which you are addressing as you finish writing the narrative is provided on the Bahauddin Shah MC Practice doc, and it is here: Write a continuation of the story of Bahauddin Shah using details from the passage.  Describe what you think might happen after Bahauddin Shah climbs out of the Salt Caverns.  What obstacles might he face, and what actions might he take to overcome them?  Note from Ms. H: Include at least one sentence of dialogue in the continuation of your story. Remember to indent each time a new paragraph begins, and once you have written your story, upload this document to google classroom by the start of class tomorrow.
Due Tuesday:  
1. Re-read "The Seven Keys of Balabad," answer the rest of the multiple choice questions on the MC Practice doc (we completed 27/Part A in class), then write a continuation of the story using details of the story and the prompt provided on the MC Practice doc. This homework should take you 30 minutes; spend 10-15 minutes on the multiple choice questions and 15-20 minutes on the narrative. 
2. Optional: Revise Toni and Claudia's dialogue for tomorrow.
Due March 31:  Finish reformers choice book and have a copy for class.  

Friday, March 17, 2017

Daily Agenda: Friday, March 17

Content Objective:  
Is Anne Frank an upstander, a bystander, or something else?  
A major shift happens around New Year 1944 - Anne Frank "upstands' for herself.

Language Objective:  Check out reformers book today if you returned it.  You will need the copy in school by March 29.
Pass in Claudia and Toni's dialogue (MCAS Practice)
Learn about eAudiobooks at the HPL. The full lesson packet is here.
Read the reformers choice book at the HPL. 

Homework:  Due MondayRead quarter 3 reformer book for at least 30 minutes on Saturday and on Sunday; bring book Monday.  Also, as a head's up, you will need have the quarter 3 choice book in class on March 29 for a combined lesson with Mr. Wright.
Due March 31Finish quarter 3 reformer choice book and have a copy.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Daily Agenda: Thursday, March 16

Content Objective:
Is Anne Frank an upstander, a bystander, or something else?  A major shift happens around New Year 1944 - Anne Frank upstands for herself.

Language Objective:
Mini-lesson on punctuation of dialogue in narrative writing.
Socratic Seminars are today.  Jot notes on classmates' ideas as we have the seminar, and put the notes in Unit Notes in the English binder.  

The questions are here:

A Period:
Does Anne really not love her mom, or is she just feeling this way because of the frequent disagreements they have? Does being confined in the Secret Annexe have something to do with it? (128)
**Remember, your Socratic Seminar will be on pages 120-179, and the passages you flag should pertain to a range of passages.

B Period:
Why does our world constantly take things for granted? Do we even realize how great we have it? Or is it only when times get rough that we do? Why?

Why does Anne believe that she is responsible for the fate of her friends?

C Period:
Why do you think Anne writes in her diary?

F Period:
On page 127, Anne talks about how she is astonished at how rude she spoke of Mummy previously. Does this make Anne an upstander? Does it make her sympathetic? She does talk about how it’s better to have it written down, rather than “in Mummies heart,” but is it still okay?
**Remember, your Socratic Seminar will be on pages 120-179, and the passages you flag should pertain to a range of passages.

G Period:
Anne is beginning to feel indifferent to her family’s morale. Is this a sign of strength or a sign of weakness?

Due Friday: 1) Re-write Toni and Claudia's conversation as you practice how to punctuate dialogue for the MCAS narrative writing component. 2) Read and bring your reformers book to school tomorrow.
Due Friday, March 31: Finish your quarter 3 reformers choice book and have a copy in school that day.