Friday, April 14, 2017

Daily Agenda: Friday, April 14

Library day!

C and F periods visited the school library today.

A, B, and G periods visited the town library today.

We chose quarter 4 choice books.  If you weren't here today, or did not find a book you like, please take steps to find a book.  Everyone should bring his or her quarter 4 choice book to school the Monday after spring book.  This also is a grade for Q4.

HW Eng: Everyone should bring his or her quarter 4 choice book to school the Monday after spring book.  This also is a grade for Q4.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Daily Agenda: Wednesday, April 13 and Thursday, April 14

Congratulations on finishing MCAS ELA!  You worked so hard.  Thank you all for the workmanship you showed throughout the process of planning for and taking MCAS.

A few pointers on English homework:

Due tomorrow: If you haven't already, read your writing and score yourself on the narrative continuation on your reformers book.  The rubric is here, and the writing you did is on Google classroom.  Bring the scored rubric tomorrow, and if you aren't going to be in school, please take a picture and send it to me.  This is a grade for quarter 4.

Due at the end of class tomorrow: Choose a quarter 4 choice book you think you'll love. We are going to the school and town libraries tomorrow.  If you won't be here tomorrow, please take steps to find a book.  Everyone should bring his or her quarter 4 choice book to school the Monday after spring book.  This also is a grade for Q4.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Daily Agenda: Tuesday, April 11

In Class and morning Roundtable:

Set up a reading agenda and read 3 articles on elephants.
Answer multiple choice questions 14-21.

Homework:  Check the answers to Robonauts andElephants multiple choice on email after.

1.  Check the answers to Robonauts and Elephants multiple choice on email after 2:30.
2.  Read over your reformers narrative and score with rubric (due Friday),
3.  Review ABCD paragraphs and essay letter models for critical essays.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Daily Agenda: Monday, April 10

MCAS Multiple Choice Practice and Preparation:

  • Show Ms. H. your completed reading agenda.
  • Think about the reading agenda design you can use to read the questions first and form a plan.
  • Review the multiple choice answers to "Confetti Girl" and "Tortilla Sun."  The answers are here.
Optional Homework: 1. Create a reading agenda as you read the multiple choice questions for "What is a Robonaut?" The complete assignment is on pages 20-27 of this packet.  2. Read "What is a Robonaut" and answer the multiple choice questions; put the answers on your reading agenda.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Daily Agenda: Friday, March 7

1. Finish quarter 3 book talks as classmates create some artwork.

2.  Learn about the final triumph of Anne Frank's artwork.  As the Nazis plundered and pillaged great art across Europe, her literary artwork survived.  Much priceless artwork was in great peril:

3. MCAS multiple choice: lesson on reading the questions first and setting up an agenda for reading on a piece of white paper, which you will need to ask for on the test.

HW Eng: Read and answer the multiple choice questions on Confetti Girl and Tortilla Sun.  The assignment is linked here, and it is the first assignment of quarter 4.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Daily Agenda: Thursday, April 6

Today we took the English department survey, gave the quarter 3 reformers book talk, and finished the essay letter on Diary of a Young Girl.

HW Eng: Optional: Bring used clothes (for babies, children, up through size adult medium) and gently used tomorrow for the Cradles to Crayons drive box in the hallway outside our classroom.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Daily Agenda: Wednesday, April 5

Test Day: Multiple Choice + Essay Letter

The Diary of a Young Girl essay letter materials you may use are here:
   - the book
   - graphic organizer 
   - post-its
   - one paragraph from your draft
   - the sample essay on Fahrenheit 451
   - the rubric (Note:  You may refer to the author as Anne, Frank, or Anne Frank)

At the end of class today, you made a PDF of the essay later draft. You will have 40 minutes to finish the essay letter in class tomorrow, when you will also give a 2 minute book talk quietly at my desk.

Due Thursday - Book Talk.
Flag a passage from the final 20% of reformers choice book.
Prepare a 2 minute book talk using the instruction sheet.
Bring the book for the 2 minute talk at my desk tomorrow.