Thursday, May 24, 2018

Daily Agenda: Thursday, May 24

Today we had more time to read the quarter 4 choice book, and there are some important announcements from a joint lesson with Mrs. Segaloff:

  • Finish reading the quarter 4 choice book by the end of quarter 4.
  • Create and write a poem for the anthology.  The poem will originate in your reading of the quarter 4 choice book, and the assignment and rubric are here.  This is a 100 point assignment, and it is the major writing assignment of quarter 4.
  • Sample student poems are here.
  • The extra credit opportunity is here.  It also will be posted shortly on Google classroom.
We finished booktalks.
We started the heart map, which is the first step in our poetry assignment.  
You should have 30+ words and phrases when you pass your heart map in tomorrow.
Ideas for the heartmap are here:
Write the title of your title four choice book
Names of favorite characters
Intriguing settings
Ideas that matter
Friends connected to the book
Family members connected to the book
Seasons ("Summer Perspective")
Ways of understanding the book on a deeper level
Favorite objects from the book
Titles which connect to this book
Favorite hobbies which connect ("Trains")

HW Eng: Finish the heart map and read your choice book.  Bring your choice book, heart map, and TKAM to class tomorrow.  

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Daily Agenda: Tuesday, May 22 and Wednesday, May 23

Discuss the pages read last night -- 61-81.  Focus on the continued imagination for the Radley
House and for ‘magical’ objects on pages 61-81 with your partner, as you also share and
respond to the 10 questions you wrote for homework.  Write your partner’s questions down as #11-20.
Pass in.

For the next minutes of class, silently read pages 82-98.  Look for examples of pride taking shape in the neighborhood for the first time in the book, with the fire.

HW English due Wednesday:Read your choice book for 30+ minutes tonight.  If you have not finished reading through
page 98, you should definitely finish that reading as well.

Time to read To Kill a Mockingbird chapter 9 (pages 99-117). What are your impressions of Francis?
Time for booktalks -- if you have not yet had your booktalk with Ms. H., we will do that by the end of the week. Please contact me to schedule a time.

HW Eng due Thursday: Read your choice book for 30+ minutes tonight.  If you have not finished reading through page 117 in TKAM, you should definitely finish that reading as well. 2. Tomorrow, we are meeting in the school library for class. Bring TKAM, your choice book, and your copy/copies of Fahrenheit 451. We will be returning Fahrenheit.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Daily Agenda: Monday, May 21

Today we had a quiz with a partnered option on pages 42-61.  Action items:

  • Create a new folder within your ELA folder called "To Kill a Mockingbird"
  • Create a copy of the quiz as a google doc called "Second Summer in Maycomb Last Name Last Name" with the partners' names.
  • Save the quiz in the new folder.
Although we had most of class to work on the quiz, which is passed in on Google classroom, the character highlight today were Scout and Miss Maudie.  Miss Maudie influences Scout a lot, and Scout has a different kind of pride from Atticus and Walter:

A respectful, healthy appetite for imagination is becoming Scout's source of pride and identity in these chapters.

We touched upon how food symbolizes love, how summer signifies imagination, and how Miss Maudie has a transformative imagination.

HW Eng: 1. Bring TKAM and your choice books to class tomorrow.  2. Please read pages 61-81 in To Kill a Mockingbird tonight, and as you read, please write ten questions on what you feel curious or confused about.  The template is here.  You will share your questions with your discussion partner tomorrow as you interpret the reading together; you will also write your discussion partner's questions down on your homework as questions 11-20.  

Friday, May 18, 2018

Daily Agenda: Friday, May 18

Today's focus was, once again, pride --

Yesterday, we came to the conclusion that NO -- the neighborhood does not feel pride. 

Today's questions were as follows:
Does Scout feel pride in school, and how does Miss Caroline show your answer?
What kind of pride does Walter Cunningham feel, and how does Atticus show your answer.

Find a passage to discuss and ask questions about that passage; share it with the class in a graded mini-discussion.

We wrote our questions and ideas in the remaining space on Twenty Questions.

We talked about pride based on insecurity (Miss Caroline, Mr. Radley, and the neighborhood) and based on quiet humility and dignity (Walter and Atticus).  We also talked about pride as portrayed in the Ewells.

HW Eng: Read pages 43-61 in To Kill a Mockingbird for Monday.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Daily Agenda: Thursday, May 17

Today we started by passing in the Socratic Seminar rubric.  If you were absent, were not here at the beginning of class, or did not have it with you in class today, please pass it in tomorrow.

Today's focus was pride --

We started with a picture from Cradles to Crayons -- dozens and dozens of bags of donations cascade beyond the photo frame as volunteers led by our 8th grade team make a lasting impact.  This is our neighborhood.  YEAH!!  Thank you again and again for making me so proud with this year's C2C accomplishments.  Please come back in high school to help the next generation make an impact, too.

Now, let's think about To Kill a Mockingbird.  Here is the Scout and Jem's neighborhood in Maycomb.  Notice the Radley home on the boundary.  Our focusing question today on Chapter 1 was this:

Does the neighborhood feel pride, and how does Boo Radley show your answer.

Find a passage to discuss and ask questions about that passage; share it with the class in a graded mini-discussion.

We wrote our questions and ideas in the remaining space on Twenty Questions.

We came to the conclusion that NO -- the neighborhood does not feel pride.  They feel scared of Boo, they scapegoat Boo, and they make themselves smaller than they really are by shunning his family after some pretty serious violence.  The kids' behavior as Jem touches the house highlights how the neighborhood runs away and puts everything that goes wrong on Boo.

HW Eng: Read Chapters 2 and 3 of To Kill a Mockingbird.  As you read Chapter 2, read for this focus: Does the school make Scout feel pride, and how does Miss Caroline show your answer?  As you read Chapter 3, read for this focus: What gives Walter Cunningham pride, and how does Atticus' behavior towards Walter help show your answer?

Daily Agenda: Wednesday, May 16

Opener: pass in the typed Socratic Seminar response on Google classroom.

We passed out the Cradles to Crayons compliments and then wrote about this question as an opener to our final whole class novel, To Kill a Mockingbird: How do your perspectives shape how you see the world?

Next, we made predictions about what might happen in the story, based on these words: brother Jem, Southerners, Andrew Jackson, dogs and mules, Beautiful Child, phantom, asylum, the grey ghost.

Finally, we started reading Chapter 1 of To Kill a Mockingbird  -- it is the closest we have to a perfect novel, and in the first three paragraphs, we noticed how six of the major characters are introduced: Jem, Scout (the narrator), Dill, Boo, Atticus, and the Ewells.  We asked questions while reading aloud and becoming familiar with Scout's tone of embarrassment surrounding Simon Finch, her slaveowner ancestor who started Finch's Landing -- the plantation where Atticus and Calpurnia grew up.

As we read, we generated ideas by asking questions and writing them down on Twenty Questions.

HW Eng: Finish reading Chapter 1 of To Kill a Mockingbird.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Daily Agenda: Tuesday, May 15

Today's Socratic Seminar on "Burning Bright" focused on the second question below, though we touched on 1 and 3 in each class as well:

1) “Society needs to be open to differences, but it seems that a segment of the population is closed-minded which can lead to racism and being anti-everything different.  Their society must be becoming corrupt if citizens let a man like Deutscher almost take power.Do you infer a similar or different meaning for “Burning Bright”?  

2) What are you confused about in this action-packed thriller of a finale?  

3) The story was written in 1953, and it takes place in 2055 or beyond.  How can producers, graphic novelists, and writers continue to make this story’s characters and messages relevant to your generation as a specific audience?  

Most of us were wondering about the meaning of the bomb on pages 158-160, and we decided that whether it is imagined or reality, that explosion is quite similar to Clarisse's effect.  As one student put it, the explosion "clears the way" for Montag's character transformation.  Many other questions specifically related to students' interests were discussed as well, on characters like Beatty, Clarisse, and Mildred; on the meaning of the river and the land; and on the relevance of the book to your generation.

HW Eng: Type a written response of 8-10 sentences, on what you learned or inferred about one of the controlling questions or larger truths related to "Burning Bright."  One way to approach this assignment is to pick one of the three controlling questions found on the rubric and also noted on today's blog; answer that question in your response.  Quote direct evidence from "Burning Bright" in this google doc response and please turn it in on Google classroom.