Friday, January 19, 2018

Daily Agenda: Friday, January 19

Make decisions today, as curators and writers, about the voice you will adopt and the story you will tell in the exhibit on Churchill Club stories at the Anne Frank Museum.

  • Brainstorm 15 characters - what happened to them.  Choose one and write a Kahoot question.
  • Kahoot
  • Museum/Narrative Purpose Statements (model and then complete on your own by reading + writing)

HW Eng: Complete narrative pre-writing for Monday.  Save this doc as “Museum Narrative Pre-Writing, First Name Last Name.”

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Daily Agenda: Thursday, January 18

Our geography opener on countries impacted by genocide moved into a lesson on the significance of genocide prevention in Denmark.

The curator's letter is here.

HW Eng: Finish reading Hoose, and complete your character bubble chart.  Then, read and re-read the letter, which is to you, found on the blog, and choose the character from the bubble chart who fascinates you most.  Write a paragraph describing the character you would like to write a narrative about.  

Reminder: Story of a Friendship revisions are due via email tomorrow (optional).

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Daily Agenda: Friday, January 12

Today, we read at the Harvard Public Library and checked out new books if a text called your name.

We did not return our books to the HPL - the librarians there will graciously extend the January 12 due date so that we can hold on to the quarter 2 choice book until the end of quarter 2.

HW Eng: Read your quarter 2 choice book. Plan on finishing your quarter 2 choice book by January 24, which is 10 days from today.

Additional Announcements: Revisions on story of a friendship are due by next Friday, January 19, via e-mail.

Coming up next week: writing related to The Boys Who Challenged Hitler and reading choice book.

Daily Agenda: Thursday, January 11

Today's goal is to take the role of museum curators at the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam as we finish reading The Boys Who Challenged Hitler.

1. Briefly touch upon some of the museums shared on Tuesday as exceptional spaces, including the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum, the Malta Aviation Museum, Mass MOCA, Topkapi Palace, and the Anne Frank Museum.

2. What does a curator do? Acting as a curator of the Anne Frank Museum, what is one additional exhibit you would like to curate to add to the permanent Secret Annex exhibit?

3. The curators at the Anne Frank Museum will be reading or very interested in knowing more about The Boys Who Challenged Hitler.

4. Thnk like a curator: create a Venn Diagram for recent chapters:
Thinking about the Secret Annex, and thinking of chapters 13-17 in The Boys Who Challenged Hitler, choose the one chapter which you feel is most closely linked to your bubble chart observations about the Anne Frank story in the secret annexe.  Open to the chapter you have chosen - 13, 14, 15, 16, or 17 - and reread your homework notes about that chapter -- about the Aalborg trial (13), the older boys’ escapes (14), Nyborg prison (15), and the ultimate liberation from Nyborg and continued resistance (16-17). Create a Venn diagram showing similarities and differences between the chapter you have chosen and the Anne Frank story.

This process will take no more than 10 minutes, and you should be re-reading and writing down your notes actively as you go.

5. Read as a curator: create a bubble chart of activists and helpers for the remaining chapters of the book which hold relevance for the Anne Frank Museum. Knud Pedersen will be in the middle. Discuss a few.

HW Eng:
1. Bring your choice book to class tomorrow and read the choice book for 30+ minutes tonight.
2. Periods C, F, and G: Brig an umbrella and dress accordingly tomorrow.

Additional Announcements: Revisions on story of a friendship are due by next Friday, January 19, via e-mail.

Coming up next week: writing related to The Boys Who Challenged Hitler and reading choice book.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Daily Agenda: Tuesday, January 9 and Wednesday, January 10

We are going to Amsterdam. Take a tour of the "secret annexe" and meet each resident and helper involved in The Diary of a Young Girl.  The tour is here.

1. Brainstorm a museum which you would like to visit or which you have visited.  

2. Why do we have museums (and zoos, and aquariums)?  Write museum purpose statements.

3. Begin the tour of the Anne Frank museum on Wednesday and finish it on Thursday.  Two supplemental readings on Miep Gies's perspective and on Anne Frank's story after her arrest are here.

4. What will you remember about Anne Frank's story? Share your most important takeaway, writing notes on the bubble chart.

5. Begin the notes template for tonight's reading.

6. Show last night's reading notes on Nyborg to Ms. H.  B period notes will be checked tomorrow.

HW Eng: Read chapter 16 and chapter 17 and take notes on every other page of the reading, using the notes template on the blog.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Daily Agenda: Wednesday, January 3

  • Show Ms. H. your completion of the 12 point activity from yesterday.
  • Get out a piece of paper and grab a partner.
  • Circulate around the room, reading through the magazine articles.
  • Write down 20 verbs and show Ms. Hodgens.

II.  Share feedback from the personal narrative -find the balance of action and reflection.

Extra Credit Opportunity (+2 to personal narrative grade)
  • Due Monday
  • Draw storyboard of your personal narrative.
  • Include 10-12 boxes and bubbles.
  • At least 3 bubbles of reflection
  • No need to color in
  • Feel free to add new content

HW Eng: Read chapters 10-12 in The Boys Who Challenged Hitler.  Write the most important action or idea for each page, chapters 11-12. The notes template is here.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Daily Agenda: Tuesday, January 2

1st column - 15 jumping jacks (1pt) --- write a 5 sentence paragraph explaining your understanding of a 2017 current event (3pts) ---- write a 2+ paragraph thank you note (7pts) --- propose a new anthology piece and start writing (3pts)

2nd column - English yoga (1pt) ----interview 4 friends for notes for highlights from break/write names ideas (2pts) --- read for pleasure for 10+ minutes near the window with choice book(3pts) --- make a writing appt for after school next week (optional) (1pt)

3rd column - Show completed reading guide Q’s if you did not do so in December (1 pt) --- make a list of 10+ books you want to read in 2018.  Show me/star those you want me to order though HPL (3 pts)---- read chapter 10 of The Boys Who Challenged Hitler (2 pts) --- review all 12 vocab words related to The Boys Who Challenged Hitler - then write a weird story (3pts)