Thursday, September 20, 2018

Daily Agenda: Thursday, September 20 - Friday, September 21

On Thursday and Friday, we are wrapping up peer review with face-to-face comments.  We had a mini-lesson on finding passages to re-read in our summer reading books, with two example passages -- Duke's audition and the cast party -- from Me & Miranda Mullaly.

On Thursday night, begin to use the peer feedback and any new passages you've located in your summer reading book to revise.

On Friday, conferences continued with Ms. Hodgens as students continued to line up and use passages while making final revisions to the summer reading book review.

HW Eng due Friday: Bring your summer reading book with you to class tomorrow.  The final draft of the summer reading book review is due on Monday on Google classroom.  Tonight, please re-read and jot notes on passages from your summer reading book which will improve your current draft and/or revise your current draft.

HW Eng due Monday: Turn in the final version of the summer reading book review by the start of school on Monday, on Google classroom.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Daily Agenda: Wednesday, September 19

Today we had partnered readings to finish a "first draft" reading of Chapter 3, which we will be analyzing as a whole class.

Students started one-on-one conferences with Ms. Hodgens about summer reading book review revisions, if they chose to do so on the google form.

Working with a partner, we also used What Makes a Great Essay and the Me & Miranda Mullaly model to peer review.  Using google docs, we shared essays with a partner and began to make comments on some of the core features we discussed in class on Monday and Tuesday:

  • Give a claim.
  • Give a roadmap.
  • Unify the introduction and conclusion with the feather technique.
  • Build strong body paragraphs with claims and evidence.
  • Explain the evidence
  • Use transitions.
  • Make every word work -- avoid bland word choices.
  • Proof for complete sentences with caps and punctuation.
  • Each essay will have other areas to comment on, too.
HW Eng: Finish reading and commenting on your partner's essay using Google docs.  The comments are due at the beginning of class tomorrow, when you will have a chance to debrief with your partner.  Use the handouts on What Makes a Great Essay and the model on Me & Miranda Mullaly to guide the comments you make. 

Monday, September 17, 2018

Daily Agenda: Monday, September 17 and Tuesday, September 18

Each student has now chosen and made progress with reading a first quarter independent reading book.  In English 8, we read at least one choice book each quarter.  Oftentimes, students read ten to fifteen choice books a year.  We find our books through our relationship with the Harvard Public Library as well as the 8th grade student lending library in our classroom.  Some important concepts to highlight:
  • In general, "up front" time is given in class and for homework to "get into" an independent read when we begin a new quarterly choice book.  During first quarter, this "up front" time was given last Friday, over the weekend, Monday and Tuesday in class, and Monday night for homework.  Students will also have smaller chunks of time throughout a given quarter after that "up front" time to read choice books, and homework time also is allotted.
  • If a student does not like a book within that crucial first hour or two of reading it, they should return it to the library and get a new book from Ms. Hodgens or from the public library right away.
  • Each quarter, we also read a whole class novel, and it is frequently used as a source of mini-lessons for reading the choice book more deeply and perspicaciously.  Our "whole class" novel is currently The Pearl.
  • Students should always plan to have the choice book and whole class novel (The Pearl) with them in class.
  • When a student finishes a book, they should let Ms. Hodgens know right away, and we will work together to get a new book by the end of the class period or the end of the day.  Students have finished ten books since last Friday.
We read as reviewers, and we read for claims and an abundance of detail.  Thus, we also started considering written book reviews on Monday and Tuesday, with this model, as we begin summer reading book review revisions.  What makes a great essay?  We considered these core traits of a great essay.

Students received back their claim and detailed evidence written work on Chapter 1 and their notes and reactions to Chapter 2.  Scores are online on PowerSchool.

HW Eng due Tuesday: Read the choice book for 30 minutes or more tonight.

HW Eng due Wednesday: Today in class, we had some time to start reading pages 21-31 in The Pearl.  Finish reading through page 31 tonight.  IF time permits, continue to read and enjoy your choice book as well.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Daily Agenda: Friday, September 14

Opener: Upload the September Reading Survey to Google classroom.

We visited the Harvard Public Library today.
Each student checked out a book -- or two or three -- at the Harvard Public Library.
We had a chance to read these first quarter independent choice books at the HPL.

HW Eng: Read the choice book for at least third minutes this weekend. Please bring your choice book and The Pearl to class on Monday.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Daily Agenda: Thursday, September 13

Genre Day
  1. Discuss characteristics of genres and share titles to get excited for tomorrow’s Harvard Public Library visit. On top of your Genre Day heart map, write this question: What are the texts your heart says you'll love for a lifetime?
  2. Time to get started on the September Reading Survey.

HW Eng: 1. Fill out the survey on the summer book review (1 minute) 2. Fill out the September Reading Survey; questions 2-16 should be in complete sentences with a capital letter at the beginning of each sentence, a complete idea, and a period at the end of each sentence.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Daily Agenda: Tuesday, September 11-Wednesday, September 12

Today we had peer-to-peer review of answers to questions 3-5 on the Chapter 1 close reading activity, which was then passed in.  Next, we began a partnered reading of Chapter 2 with this writing and reading guide.

Today's Fishbowl discussions on Chapter 2 were splendid! 

HW Eng: 1. Finish reading Chapter 2 and complete the writing and reading guide (if you haven't already). 2. Spend ten minutes freewriting about the most important ideas from today's Fishbowl discussions.  What stands out to you as the most insightful ideas?

Monday, September 10, 2018

Daily Agenda: Monday, September 10

Daily Agenda:
-Community building: Bingo Board!
-Theme lesson - today we learned about how themes are discovered by closely reading for those fine flames of detail which are brief, quick, and packed with meaning.
-Chapter 1 questions: model responses to questions 1 and 2. The notes and directions from class are here.

HW ENG: Finish answering questions 1-5 on Chapter 1 of The Pearl using the methods and models taught in class today on claims, detailed evidence, and complete sentences.