Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Daily Agenda: February 14, 2018

Create a heart map and jot responses to the questions and prompts we explore.
Save the heart map in writing territories - it is brainstorming for the anthology.
Return The Boys Who Challenged Hitler and The Diary of a Young Girl
Begin reading Ernst Schnabel's A Tragedy Revealed: A Heroine's Last Days

HW Eng: Read your reformers book for at least 30 minutes tonight and bring the reformers book to class tomorrow.  If you forgot to return The Boys Who Challenged Hitler or The Diary of a Young Girl today, please bring them tomorrow.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Daily Agenda: Monday, February 12

1. Do Now: Share your choice reading top-down web with three partners, and let Ms. H. know if you would like to abandon your reformers book for another one.  If so, please get a new reformers book by the start of school by Wednesday, from the TBS library or from the HPL.  The reformers book list is here.  We will continue to have quarter two booktalks this week.

2. Introduce Trail of Tears Assignment on Google Classroom.

  • This is a blended experience with American history and with Mr. Wright's class.
  • Rather than looking at Danish and Dutch relocation and resistance in the 1940s, we are looking at those experiences in the American 1830s.
  • Tomorrow, you will be writing a partnered essay, which is history and literature analysis.
  • Get to know the assignment together.
  • Get to know the four main questions to answer as you read each source.
  • Create graphic organizers and a Venn diagram and "read" the map (source 1) together.
  • With partners, begin reading the second source and strategize together.

HW Eng (due Tuesday):
1. Read the A&E text along with Andrew Jackson's speech. 
2. As you read, take notes on the same questions we applied to the map today in class, on what you learned, perspective, flaws, and further information you need. 
3. Complete the Trail of Tears Venn Diagram.
4. Please remember to bring in your copies of The Boys Who Challenged Hitler and The Diary of a Young Girl on Wednesday.  We are done with those books.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Daily Agenda: Friday, February 9

Today, we are visiting the Harvard Public Library to choose a reform book.  Mr. Wright taught an intro lesson on types of reform yesterday, and let me add to his lesson by sharing this message from Jacqueline Woodson:

Reading = Hope x Change  (What's your equation?)

Ms. Woodson is the author of some amazing reform-related books, and she is this year's Library of Congress National Ambassador for Young People's Literature.

Let me ask you this: what is the reform category you want feel inspired to read about, hope about, and change?  Here is the list.

You will give booktalks to me today.  We will finish them up at the beginning of next week.

HW Eng: Read your reformers choice book for at least a half hour this weekend.  If you are giving your book talk at the beginning of next week, please practice it.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Daily Agenda: Tuesday, February 6 and Thursday, February 8

Prepare for and give mini-presentations on Anne Frank's diary.

  • You may take notes on the 181-219 questions as your classmates present.
  • When we are finished with presentations, you will turn in your 181-219 questions on Google classroom (on Thursday).
  • What will you remember about The Diary of a Young Girl?
Tuesday: Booktalk Demonstration from Ms. H.: Bitterness in Anne's Diary
  • Go over the rubric; you may use notes and graphics if you want to.  
Thursday: Time to practice booktalks.

HW Eng: Prepare and practice 4-5 minute booktalk for Friday.  We are going to the HPL in classes G, A, B, and C on Friday; please bring your jacket and any books you need to return.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Daily Agenda: Monday, February 5

Literary Responses to The Diary of a Young Girl

Open up the rhetorical notebook of literary devices.
Mini presentation from Ms. H. on the first question from the guided reading, due today, on pages 181-219, on the connotation of "bitterness:"

Question: Anne says that Margot complains "bitterly."  Analyze the connotation of this description.
Analysis: The imagery rippling through the secret annex overall leaves the characters and conflicts always on the verge of bitterness -- including Margot.  The connotation of bitterness is a sudden taste in the mouth - one of the five senses.  Bitterness is, essentially, a connotative word choice that finds expression in sensory details -- there are the images of the sounds of the air raids, the feel of endless potatoes cooked by the Franks and the Van Daans in the annex kitchen, the smell of the latrine, and the sight of the Germans shooting down an already-downed plane.  These images all convey and connote bitterness.  Margot's situation seems especially embittering as she sees her sister moving on without her every single day.

Partner up, pick questions to unpack, draft by hand, and create slides.
Practice connecting one literary concept to another.
We will be presenting and listening in on slide presentations tomorrow; these presentations are practice for the book talks, which will be on Thursday and Friday.

HW Eng: 1. Type up the list of literary devices underneath your quarter 2 choice book passage and jot a list of as many examples of each device as you can find. 2. Finish your slide for tomorrow's presentation if you need more time.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Daily Agenda: Friday, February 2

Practice impromptus in small groups and with the whole class, focusing on providing illustrations in support of your point.

Pass back the rubrics for the museum narrative; read Ms. H's comments and save the rubric in your binder.

We will be booktalking next Thursday and Friday.  As practice, we will booktalk the excerpt from The Diary of a Young Girl.  

Time to read and respond to questions on pages 181-219 in Anne Frank's diary.

HW Eng: Finish reading and answering questions on pages 181-219 in Anne Frank's diary.  The excerpt is here.

Daily Agenda: Thursday, February 1

Impromptu Day!

Write a question about two scenarios, using the models to guide you.  Your scenarios should be fun, school appropriate, and simple.

Practice responses and full-class responses to impromptus.

HW Eng: Read and thank about the booktalk assignment.