Monday, September 11, 2017

Daily Agenda: Monday, September 11

  • Our goal: see and read literature as a series of great scenes we can discuss like film.
  • Listen to example on "The Natural" and see an example of a brief summary, with four points.
  • Share your film examples with classmates, with the goal of talking continually for 6-7 minutes about film.
  • Return claims and evidence on Chapter 1 with feedback.
  • If we have not conferenced yet on the book review, if you want to, we will this week.
  • Save Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 documents to The Pearl folder on google drive.
  • Closely read scenes of Chapter 2 and share "text frame" notes on those scenes.
HW Eng: 
1. Read and write Chapter 2 text frames on "Kino Finds the Pearl of the World."  See quick tips on Chapter 2 homework here.  
2) Begin the first and second text frame on scenes in Chapter 3.  Further quick tips on Chapter 3 homework are here.