Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Daily Agenda: Tuesday, September 19

Character Analysis of The Great Ensemble Scene - Chapter Four of The Pearl.
  1. This chapter is the great ensemble of the book, like a Hollywood production or a Broadway musical -- everyone in La Paz comes out to watch the great performance of Kino’s journey to sell the pearl. The genre here is social justice.
  2. How many characters from Chapter 4 can you list, and what roles, locations, and descriptions do these characters represent, inhabit, and carry?  Example: The old man on his stalwart nephew’s shoulders represents aspiration; he is located at the threshold of rich and poor, and he physically rises up on his family member’s shoulders to catch a glimpse of a key to justice: the pearl.
  3. Pick characters for the Character Directory, and re-read closely for the character assigned, taking notes on your character only.

HW Eng: Re-read chapter 4 with an eye for character - each one on the Character Directory- and put a check mark next to each character as you find them.  There will be a reading quiz on Chapter 4 at the end of class tomorrow, and reading/re-reading tonight is the best way to prepare for the Chapter 4-related questions I will ask you to write about in complete sentences and with complete detail.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Daily Agenda: Monday, September 18

-Analyze literature by creating questions you want to discuss.
Character, setting, images, message, plot/action, vocab/sentence structure, other
-Interview one classmate on the choice book he or she is reading.
-Write a brief mini-essay with a mini-lesson on introductions and conclusions.

HW Eng:
1) Make sure to upload your book review to google classroom by 2:20 today and

2) Read chapter 4 of The Pearl in a first draft way, looking for the scenes within the chapter and the details that matter in those scenes. You should not write an essay or "mini-essay" on chapter 4 of The Pearl tonight; your assignment is simply to read Chapter 4.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Daily Agenda: Friday, September 15

Visit the Harvard Public Library today.
Do you want to abandon the book you read last night, or did you love it?
Consider checking out a book or three at the Harvard Public Library today.

HW Eng: Upload book review to google classroom by Monday and read the choice book for at least one hour this weekend. Please bring your choice book to class on Monday.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Daily Agenda: Thursday, September 14

Announcement: Upload revised book review to google classroom by Monday, September 18.

Genre Day
  1. Discuss characteristics of 8 genres and share titled to get excited for tomorrow’s Harvard Public Library visit.
  2. Time to preview and read books from our independent reading collection + check out for 30 mins of reading at home tonight, OR...
  3. Time to find passages in summer reading, revise, and conference with Ms. Hodgens; tonight, work on revisions for 30 minutes.

HW Eng:
1) Upload revised book review to google classroom by Monday, September 18.

2) Tonight, read the book you checked out in class today for 30 minutes OR work on book review revisions for 30 minutes.  All students: bring the book you checked out to class tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Daily Agenda: Wednesday, September 13

  1. Reader theater - Kino stabs the intruder.
  2. Literary discussions w/ chapter 3 text frames.
  3. Writing at the bottom of chapter 3 text frames: What is the deepest interpretation you have of the meaning of The Pearl?
  4. Join google classroom and upload your chapter 3 text frames.
  5. Long block: Time to conference+work on book review revisions.  Find a close reading passage.

HW Eng: Revise the book review with closer and more extensive reading details from key scenes; finish the chapter 3 text frames and upload them to google classroom if you didn't do so in class today.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Daily Agenda: Tuesday, September 12

  1. Right to work - start closely reading and writing about Chapter 3.
  2. Check in on your progress with 1-on-1 check-in.
  3. Finish Chapter 3 text frames by the end of class.

HW Eng:
1) Read the sample book review on "Me and Miranda Mullaly" which I will send out via email.  This review uses close reading to write really well.
2) Revise your book review using the close reading approach you've learned.  The book review assignment is here. What close reading details can you add?
3) Finish Chapter 3 text frames if necessary.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Daily Agenda: Monday, September 11

  • Our goal: see and read literature as a series of great scenes we can discuss like film.
  • Listen to example on "The Natural" and see an example of a brief summary, with four points.
  • Share your film examples with classmates, with the goal of talking continually for 6-7 minutes about film.
  • Return claims and evidence on Chapter 1 with feedback.
  • If we have not conferenced yet on the book review, if you want to, we will this week.
  • Save Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 documents to The Pearl folder on google drive.
  • Closely read scenes of Chapter 2 and share "text frame" notes on those scenes.
HW Eng: 
1. Read and write Chapter 2 text frames on "Kino Finds the Pearl of the World."  See quick tips on Chapter 2 homework here.  
2) Begin the first and second text frame on scenes in Chapter 3.  Further quick tips on Chapter 3 homework are here.

Daily Agenda: Friday, September 8

Today we finished writing claims and evidence on Chapter 1 with a partner.  Students turned in their written work and got started on reading Chapter 3 of The Pearl.  Students also conferenced one-on-one with Ms. Hodgens about the summer reading book review.

HW Eng: Read Chapter 3 of The Pearl from Monday.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Daily Agenda: Thursday, September 7

Daily Agenda:
-Reader Theater in two scenes from Chapter 1- Coyotito’s terrible bite + the doctor's response.
-Share and discuss student-generated questions on Chapter 1.
-Closer reading (“second draft” reading) of passages on poverty and song; write together.
-Explain book review options and the survey.
-Begin reading chapter 2 (long block)
HW ENG: 1) Take book review survey (1 minute) and 2) read Chapter 2 of The Pearl.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Daily Agenda: Wednesday, September 6

Begin Steinbeck’s The Pearl:
-How can literature inspire us to action?
-Intro to The Pearl as a book about poverty and justice.
-Begin a ‘first draft’ reading of Chapter 1

HW Eng: Finish reading chapter 1 of The Pearl for tomorrow (Thursday).

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Daily Agenda: Tuesday, September 5

-Today you will learn more about how to use your MacBook and Google Suite.
-We will go over the evacuation procedures, pass in the Student/Parent Expectations & Policies, and distribute the 7th grade writing folder, which you should store in your accordion file or in a spot at home/in your locker.
-Distribute copies of The Pearl.  
HW Eng: Bring your copy of The Pearl to class tomorrow; you may start reading this novella if you want tonight.

Daily Agenda: Friday, September 1

What is your favorite children’s book from when you were a little kid?
Share the children’s books you brought in, then free write:
Why did you bring that book in?
What happens in the story?
Cool features, colors ect?
Who read it to you?
Other things about the book?
Post your name, your children’s book, a picture, and your writing on Padlet.
Pass out class syllabus and highlight macbook rules.

HW: bring back signed student/parent agreement on Tuesday 9/5 after you read it over; put the syllabus in your English binder.

Daily Agenda: Thursday, August 31

-What is an experience that really meant a lot to you?
-Begin to draw a heart map.
-Poetry: read “The New Colossus” and “Blue Jay, Black Cat,” followed by time to write a journal, poem, letter, or other response to our leading question for today.
-Turn in book review.
-Go outside and talk about the experience you wrote about.

HW: due Friday – bring in your favorite children’s book.